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Qual è lo scopo di Rayleague?(torna su)
Rayleague has the primordial objective of democratizing and make very simple the scouting process on a worldwide level. Rayleague will make available to all that are interested a platform able of allowing players to promote their career, thus allowing all clubs/academies/Agents that do not possess an effective Structured scouting department, have the ability to find young sports promises, young players or experienced players, that by any other means would never have the chance to observe and who knows, a chance to meet. We arrived to delete boundaries and barriers so that you can live the DREAM!
Perché dovrei caricare un video?(torna su)
First of all because this is 2011! We have the technology that allows us to have online video streaming! And we all know that it is much more effective and attractive to see the capabilities of a player in action, at the minimum you only need a cell phone with a camera to record a simple clip.. And it’s free! So why not?
Come devo fare il mio video?(torna su)
Well, here you have creative freedom! We recommend the use of a good video camera and computer software edition of the movie clips, in this way you can make your videos attractive and not boring to the viewer. You should have at least two (2) kinds of video, in game videos were you are in action! But remember, try and edit the movie so that it does not become too long and boring. The other videos, doo some tricks that display your technique, some dribbles, headings, crossings, etc. Remember the important is to have videos!
Come funziona Rayleague?(torna su)
Rayleague has a simple operating system and similar to other social networks and video platforms that already exists. It´s main novelty is that it combines some of their features and presents a structured sports environment. Each player only has to register, create a profile and start adding player friends, clubs (Groups) they like, academies, etc. When you are filing your profile with data, you will have available a self-evaluation tool of the greatest importance, insert the data with rigor, because it will be one of your best help when someone makes a search! Rayleague will work allowing a fast search by characteristics, allowing after the visualization of the player profile with personal and sports data, videos, Photos to the researcher. If your videos receive good reviews, you will show up in the Squadra della settimana. Never again will your videos be lost in some other platforms non specialized! And all of this completely FREE!
Il Rayleague sarà sempre gratuito?(torna su)
Yes. Rayleague will always be free, but it will have a premium version that allows you to have more functions available and increase your exposure inside the platform.
Sono stato contattato da un club, devo rispondere?(torna su)
Yes! You should answer, or let your parents/sports agent answer, after all that is the meaning of existence of Rayleague, promote players to clubs. Never the less if you suspect anything suspicious or that violates the Termini di Servizio you should inform the Rayleague administration to qui.
Ho trovato un giocatore interessante per il mio club, posso contattarlo?(torna su)
Yes of course, that is the main purpose of rayelague. We do not intend to be a player agency; we want to facilitate the contact between an interesting player and a interested club/agent/academy.
Rayleague ha regole di funzionamento?(torna su)
Yes and you can consult them whenever you like here: Termini di Servizio
Perché non devo gonfiare l'auto-valutazione?(torna su)
Gonfiare la tua propria auto-valutazione sarà illuderti a te stesso, allontanando qualsiasi persona potenzialmente interessata (agente, allenatore, esploratore o club), e ti troverai infine a ottenere l'effetto opposto. Spostare tutti i cursori al 100% ti porterà da nessuna parte. Così non sarà possibile rivelare la tua abilità speciali e sarà facilmente percepito come falso. Così non ti promuoverai - solo danneggiarai la tua immagine.
11- Come può Rayleague aiutare la mia scuola?(torna su)
Nowadays a presence in the web is crucial to the credibility of an institution and Rayleague can help you trough:
  • Rayleague aiuta a promuovere la sua scuola;
  • Rayleague aiuta a promuovere tornei in un modo semplice;
  • Gli utenti possono tenere traccia dello storico dei migliori giocatori dall'ultimo club torna alla scuola dei loro primi corsi di formazione, aiutando le scuole della prima fase ad ottenere un maggiore riconoscimento per il loro lavoro;
  • Completely free without any cost for the institution.
In what way can Rayleague help my FIFA player Agent business?(torna su)
I believe this is the easiest question so far!
  • You can create a free profile for the agency.
  • Because your mission is to promote your players, what can be better than a platform entirely dedicated to its purpose, uncommitted to any agent/club where you can create profiles for each player the you represent?
  • You can include all your players in your profile and receive all the contacts directed to them by potential interested Club/other.
  • You will have access to the global market, developing contacts all over the world!
Come funziona la "Squadra della Settimana"?(torna su)
The Squad of the week was designed to highlight players by position that receive more votes for the quality of their videos. The players with more votes will show up in the home page by their respective positions, for example: Midfielders only compete in votes with other midfielders, the number one “jumps” to the Squad of the week!
What is a direct link?(torna su)
A direct link is a personalized link that you can create and point to your Rayleague page. This way it's easier to spread your Rayleague page to your friends and other interested people. For example, if your nickname is "beckham", your direct link can be shown up like this: "http://rayleague.com/player/name/beckham".

If you are looking for an answer to a question/doubt that we haven't approached in this F.A.Q you can always send an information request to our qui.